Water Fire Extinguishers

SENTRY Water Fire Extinguisher

SENTRY Water Fire Extinguisher

Fighting Class A fires

  • Designed for a Variety of
    Class A Hazards

  • Simple Operation and Maintenance
  • Easy Recharge in the Field
  • Built for Long Service Life
  • Bilingual Operating Instructions (English/Spanish)

Fire Protection When and Where It’s Needed

From office environments to industrial locations, SENTRY Stored-Pressure Water Fire Extinguishers can be utilized for a variety of Class A hazards. These extinguishers give you the ability to respond quickly in the first critical minutes of a fire.

Designed to Suppress Class A Fires

SENTRY water extinguishers are designed to suppress fires in Class A combustibles like wood, cloth, trash and other materials that leave an ash. These types of hazards are often found in office environments and some industrial locations, as well as warehouse and oxidizing chemical storage areas (includes pool chemicals as specified in NFPA 10 Section 5.5.7).

With an ample 2.5 gal (9.5 L) capacity, these extinguishers are made to the same high standards as the rest of the SENTRY fire extinguisher line. Clean, durable, butt-welded stainless steel shell construction leads to long service life, while stainless steel, brass and aluminum alloy components help eliminate corrosion. Additional features include simple squeeze-grip operation and easy recharge and maintenance in the field using standard air valve for pressurization. The extinguisher operating temperature range is 40 °F to 120 °F (42 °C to 49 °C).

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